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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Art Adventure

Since July 1, I have a new adventure in Yogyakarta. I named it The Art Adventure. Yogyakarta has been known as the City of Art for decades. Many artists chooses Yogyakarta as their hometown.

Art is a new thing to me, especially paintings and sculptures. Of course I know the painting 'Monalisa' or those famous painters like 'Pablo Picasso, Monet, Affandi', etc. But I had never really understand the beauty of their artwork.

However I'm starting to know paintings more and more every day, because in present time I'm working for Srisasanti Gallery. My boss gave me a big picture of the prospect in this 'art' field which I'm agree with. I hope that my Art Adventure will never end, and duties became leisures.

Watching 'live' mural paintings for the first time in my live:

I Made Arya Palguna was sketching the mural which title is 'Pengendali Air' or 'The Water Ruler".

Palguna and his friend Budi were painting the mural.

Paint and more paints.

Ta da... 'The Water Ruler"