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Friday, May 8, 2009


Graha Bunda Maria 'Annai Velangkani' is the church dedicated for Saint Maria, built by Annai Velangkani after he experienced a miracle. Located at the Tanjung Selamat - Medan Tuntungan (about 40 minutes from central city of Medan without heavy traffic).
The church has beautiful 'Indian' architecture, especially unique in Indonesia which most of the church has European style building.

The Front Gate of Annai Velangkani Church.

Beautiful Main Building of the Church Complex.

A little bit closer.

Me... infront of the main building.

The statue of St. Maria at the third floor.

Inside the St. Maria shrine.

Beautiful artwork (sculpture) of St. Maria inside the shrine.

Testamony of Miracle by Annai Velangkani.

Beside the main building, beautiful glass craft at upper floor.